Run in the Woods


Have you ever gone for a run on North Vancouver’s amazing trails? If not, you’re in for an amazing surprise. Nestled into the Pacific Coast rainforest are countless runner-friendly trails for runners and walkers of every level.

Living on “the Shore” as the locals call it, is such a treat. There is something to do all of the time, in any weather. Running (and walking) here is probably one of the most enjoyable, and accessible, past-times there is.

If you’re unfamiliar with the trails, or if you just want to learn more of them, come out and join us for a run in the woods. Even when the weather is dodgy, running in on the Shore is just beautiful. Streams and waterfalls appear out of nowhere and the trails we run are so well tended you won’t spend the entire time with your head down, looking for roots.

Take a look at our Trail Circuits blurb then send us an email about where and when to meet.

You’re going to love exploring the best gym on earth!

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